Electronic Instrumentation Lab

Associated Faculty and Staff : Dr. Prashanth Vooka, Mr. Kollu Homprakash and Mr. Vijay kumar Aakarapu.

Location : Room No. 205, II Floor, Department Building-2

About the Lab: 

The Electronic Instrumentation Lab is primarily a teaching lab for conducting basic experiments associated with the institute's core course of “Principles of Measurements”. The lab also caters the needs of undergraduate, master and doctoral students in the area associated with sensors, signal conditioning and instrumentation.

Equipment(s) Available:

The key equipment in this lab are:

  • Arbitrary Function generators  
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
  • Regulated DC Power Supplies
  • Desktop PCs
  • NI Hardware - ELVIS III, myDAQ and other Data loggers
  • LCR Meter
  • Source Measuring Unit
  • Harmonic Analyser
  • Variable Capacitance box and Variable Inductance box
  • 3-D Printer
  • Proximity detection experiment setup
  • Piezo Electric based experiment setup
  • LVDT and RVDT Measurement setup
  • 6 1/2 DMM
  • Angular position Measurement setup
  • PCB Printer

List of Experiments

  • Familiarization with Laboratory Instruments (Oscilloscope, Function Generator, DigitalMultimeter, DC Power Supply)

Other laboratory experiments based on following concepts

  • Statistics and random variables
  • Measurement of opamp parameters
  • B-H curve for transformers
  • Power measurement
  • Bridges
  • Analog-to-Digital converters and Data
  • Application of the above mentioned concepts towards measurement of sensor parameters.
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