Wireless Communication & Networking (WiCoN) Lab

Associated Faculty and Staff: Dr. Parthajit Mohapatra, Dr. K P Naveen, Dr. Pooja Vyavahare and Mr. Y. Suravardhana Reddy

Location: DB2, DB2-203, 2nd Floor

About the Lab:

The WiCoN Lab was established in the year of 2019. The lab primarily caters to the needs of undergraduate, master and doctoral students in the broad area of wireless communication and networking.

Focused Research Areas:

      • Performance Analysis of Wireless Network
      • Network Economics
      • Game Theory and Optimal Control
      • Algorithm design for distributed computation
      • Interference management
      • Physical layer based secure communication techniques
      • Ultra Reliable - Low Latency communication


The major equipments in this lab are:


  • High-end Desktop computers with Intel Core i7 9th generation 16 GB RAM.
  • 9 USRP B210 Kit with Metal Casing by Ettus Research (B210).
  • 8 USRP N210 with SBX 400-4400 MHz Rx/Tx (40 MHz-BW) & UBX 10-6000 MHz Rx/Tx (40 MHz-BW)  RF Daughter Board (N210)
  • Antennas with Vert 2450 Vertical Antenna (2.4-2.5 and 4.9-5.9 GHz), Log Periodic PCB Antenna (850 MHz to 6.5 GHz) with SMA cable and VERT400 Vertical Triband Antenna (144M,400M and 1200 MHz)
  • Spectrum Analyzer with 9KHz - 20GHz with Anritsu Model of MS2720T (SA)


Softwares associated to this Lab

        • Network Simulator Software with 15 NetSim Standard and  2 Academic v13.1( NetSim)
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