Power Electronics Lab

Associated Faculty and Staff: Dr. Viju Nair R and Mr. Kollu Homprakash

Location: Room No. 206, II Floor, Department Building-2

About the Lab:

The Power Electronics Lab is a well-equipped facility designed for practical exploration and research in the realm of power electronics. It features a diverse range of advanced tools and equipment to support learning, experimentation, and analysis in this field. The lab includes high-bandwidth isolated scopes for precise signal capture, multi-channel scopes for simultaneous observations, and Pearson current monitors for accurate current analysis. It's equipped with AC/DC current probes, DC electronic loads, and arbitrary function generators to simulate and test various scenarios.

 Additionally, the lab houses regulated and programmable DC power supplies for stable voltage outputs, along with various auto transformers for voltage variation. Desktops and workstations with simulation software aid in circuit design and analysis. Safety and practicality are prioritized with soldering tools, thermal imaging cameras for temperature visualization, and other miscellaneous items. In essence, the Power Electronics Lab provides a comprehensive environment for hands-on exploration and research in the dynamic field of power electronics.

Equipment(s) Available:

  • High Bandwidth Isolated Scope 
  • Multi-channel Isolated and Non-Isolated Scope
  • Pearson current monitor
  • AC/DC Current probes
  • DC Electronic Load
  • Arbitrary Function generators
  • Digital storage oscilloscope
  • Regulated DC Power Supplies
  • Programmable DC Power Supplies
  • Various ratings of Auto Transformers
  • Desktops and Workstations 
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Power Analyser
  • Miscellaneous items like soldering associated tools, Sensors.
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