VLSI & Embedded System Lab

Associated Faculty and Staff: Dr. Vikramkumar Pudi and Mr. Kumar Bellikatti

Location: DB2, DB2333, 3rd Floor

About the Lab:

VLSI & Embedded System Lab is associated with the institute's core courses like “Analog VLSI Design”, and “FPGA Lab Course”. In VLSI Lab, the main research focus is in the areas of analog and digital design. All major VLSI Cad vendor’s tool licenses (Vivado 2016, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Xilinx, etc) are hosted here.

List of the Equipment(s):

List of Experiment(s):

  • Design of half adder and full adder
  • Design of multiplexers with different numbers of inputs and outputs
  • Addition of Two Complement Numbers.
  • Design and implementation of matrix multiplication using MAC Uint.
  • Design an ALU to perform all Logical and Arithmetic Operations based on the chosen selection line
  • Design of MAC unit Y = A + BC using N-bit Radix-4 Booth Multiplier (Similar to the Add-Shift Multiplier), Where A is 2N size, and B and C are N Bit size.
  • Design and implementation of Signed Add Shift Multiplier
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