Nanoelectronics Lab

Associated Faculty and Staff: 

Dr. Swapnil Bhuktare, Dr. Vijaya Kumar Gurugubelli, and Mr. Pujari Dinesh Khanna.

Location: DB2, DB2334, 3rd Floor

About the Lab:

The NanoElectronics Lab was established in the year of 2023. The lab primarily caters to the needs of undergraduate, master and doctoral students in the broad area of Nanoelectronics and Semiconductor Devices.


The key equipment and Software tools in this lab are:

Sl. No.

Equipment/Software Tools




  • Synopsys QuantumATK - Materials and Device Simulation (with NEGF) -
  • Standard Academic Bundle
  •  5 Licenses of QuantumATK (DFT/Semi-emperical) + NEGF
  •  5 Licenses of ATK Master Forcefield (Classical)
  •  2 Licenses of VNL (GUI)
  •  2 Licenses of VNL Links (VASP Interface)
  •  256 MPICH Slaves for faster simulation
  • Floating License, All licenses on single cluster


AsiaPac Advanced TCAD University Bundle 3 Years TSL Network Floating License Number of Licenses : 5 (FIVE)



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